Digital Reading Fair


This competition is to provide students with the opportunity to present their favorite fiction/non-fiction book in a “fair” atmosphere with digital display methods.  Reading instruction emphasizes that students read complex texts at grade level as well as the reading of non-fiction texts for understanding of information.  Writing emphasizes the understanding of the information read.  By participating in this digital reading fair, it is hoped that the students will experience an enjoyable technology opportunity and develop a love for reading and writing.


Display requirements - Digital Project

Digital project using Sway in Office365 – every student has access to Office365, which includes Sway, Word, Power Point, and email.


Sway tutorials

Within sway, there is a tutorial button.  Students can watch on their own.  You can do group instruction, or schedule time, as a class or individually, with Mrs. Hogg for a tutorial. 

How To Videos

Logging into Office365 from any computer to open Sway

Sway - start a project

Sway- How to add a text box

Sway - add a picture

Sway - stacking elements

Sway - Unstacking elements

Sway - Adding a video file from Youtube

Submit your project


All projects links must by submitted to using the google form by Friday, February 28th. You may submit your project early.



January 7-17 – Book selected and outline started

January 20-24 -  students should have their project outlines completed – hard copy handout

January 27-February 14 – Sway tutorials completed and digital projects started

February 21 – Project done and ready for final review

February 28 – Projects must be finished and submitted to Mrs. Hogg

March 2 - 27– Judging

March 31– Winners announced



Project grouping & Winners

Prek, kinder, & 1st – class projects

    - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place class winners
2nd – groups or individual student projects

     - 1st, 2nd, 3rd place group winners
(2nd) 3rd, 4th, 5th – individual student projects

     - 1st, 2nd, 3rd, place individual student winners

Grand Overall Winner - best project from all individual student projects


Items from the 3D printer

Backpack with supplies and goodies

Dog man Poster and book signed by the author, Dav Pilkey


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